Anna Ambrosini

Research Program Manager

Fondazione Telethon

Anna Ambrosini

Anna Ambrosini has a PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology. After having spent 15 years in research laboratories active in the field of neuroscience, in 2001 she joined the Scientific Office of the Italian Fondazione Telethon, where she is currently work as Research Program Manager. Beside the regular activity of grant management, she is responsible for developing programs in the field of inherited neuromuscular diseases.

She is highly involved at national level in initiatives developed with a number of Italian neuromuscular Patients’ Associations as part of a NMD Alliance, such as the Italian Treat-NMD registry. She is the representative of Fondazione Telethon, the Italian partner FTELE within the TREAT-NMD network, coordinating the activity of the Italian NMD clinical network within the TREAT-NMD network.

Since April 2009 she is the Chair of the Executive Committee of the European NeuroMuscular Centre (ENMC) Consortium, where she represents Fondazione Telethon and the Italian Muscular Dystrophy Association (UILDM).

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