Benedikt Schoser

Professor of Neurology and Senior Consultant

Friedrich-Baur Institut, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Benedikt Schoser

Professor Benedikt Schoser is senior consultant at the Friedrich-Baur Institute, Dept. of Neurology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany. He is coordinator of the diagnostic working group within the German MD-NET and member of the German reference group for neuromuscular disorders.

Benedikt trained as a neurologist and intensive care neurologist at the universities of Mainz, Frankfurt and Hamburg in Germany. He completed his MD thesis on muscle denervation in Hans Hilmar Goebels Dept. of Neuropathology in Mainz. Later, he worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in the channelopathy laboratory of Thomas Jentsch at the Center of Molecular Neuroscience in Hamburg. In 2001 he joined the Friedrich-Baur Institute at the LMU Munich and completed his habilitation on the caveolinopathy rippling muscle disease as professor of neurology in 2004.

Benedikt has a long-standing interest in the pathogenesis and histopathology of muscular dystrophies, myotonic dystrophies and metabolic myopathies. Within the neuromuscular research group at Friedrich-Baur Institute he is engaged in all types of morphological and biochemical analyses including animal models. He has a special interest in translational therapy of myotonic dystrophies and glycogen storage disorders.

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