Eric Hoffman

Director, Research Center for Genetic Medicine & The Wicker Project for Muscular Dystrophy Research


Eric Hoffman

Eric Hoffman, PhD earned his PhD in Genetics at Johns Hopkins University and then pursued post-doctoral training with Louis Kunkel at Boston Children’s Hospital working on Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene and protein identification. Eric is currently Vice Chair of the TREAT-NMD Executive Committee.

He is the director of the Research Center for Genetic Medicine, and James Clark Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. The centre has integrated state-of-the-art basic genetics research (genome, transcriptome, and proteome), with an international clinical trial network, and ethics research. He has a diverse portfolio of research, and his Center hosts national research cores for rehabilitation medicine, muscular dystrophy, developmental disorders, and clinical and translational research.  He has over 400 publications.  Increasingly his laboratory is focusing on novel drug development programs, including delta 9,11 steroids, and systemic anti-sense (exon-skipping).

Hoffman's goals are to conduct research on inherited conditions, with emphasis on gene identification, pathophysiological studies, molecular diagnostics, and therapeutics.  He serves as Scientific Director of the Cooperative International Neuromuscular Research Group, a clinical trial organization (

Professor Hoffman is board-certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics in Clinical Molecular Genetics.