Filippo Buccella

Italian DMD Registry Curator

Parent Project - Genitori contro la Distrofia Musculare di Duchenne & Becker ONLUS Italy

Filippo Buccella

As father of a young man affected by DMD, Filippo has been working since 1996 to advocate for Duchenne and Becker patients in Italy, Europe and worldwide, always convinced that their work could open a new path for many other similar diseases/conditions. Filippo is also a pharmacist and his knowledge of the mechanisms of action of drugs and/or drug development are very helpful when it comes to translating complicated topics for families and patients. He has been involved with patient registries from the very beginning and have set up a national DMD/BMD patient registry in Italy, which is has been instrumental for conducting clinical trials.

In his role as president of DPP-Onlus Italy he has been able to establish a good working relationship with many other organizations worldwide over the years. This network provides an invaluable asset for a member of the Executive Committee of the TREAT-NMD Alliance.

Filippo is keen to continue to bring the voice of patients as key stakeholders to the TREAT-NMD Alliance. He also aims to collaborate with patient organizations to elicit their suggestions/expectations and to enable him to represent the wider patients’ view in the committee.