Günter Scheuerbrandt

Günter Scheuerbrandt

Dr Günter Scheuerbrandt is well known for his "DMD research reports" and interviews with DMD experts which he writes in a language that is accessible to all.

Dr Scheuerbrandt was born in 1930 in Sensburg in Germany. After studying chemistry in Freiburg and Grenoble, he spent two years as a postdoc at Harvard with Professor Konrad Bloch and in Stanford with Professor Arthur Kornberg. After returning to Germany, he worked for the German pharmaceutical company E. Merck in Darmstadt and then in the United States again, where he worked at their offices near New York as their representative for specialty chemicals and diagnostic tests until 1973.

Dr Scheuerbrandt’s work in the US led him into the DMD screening field and on leaving Merck he set up a private laboratory in Breitnau in the Black Forest to perfect newborn screening using a bioluminescent creatine kinase (CK) test. In 1977, his lab started a routine voluntary test program for all of Germany.

Working with DMD families led Dr Scheuerbrandt to realise the need for clear and accessible information about DMD and the research efforts to find an effective therapy, and this was the impetus for his research reports, in which he explains in easy language what researchers in laboratories across the world are working on for boys with DMD.
You can read Dr Scheuerbrandt’s full biography here.

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