Hanns Lochmüller

Professor of Experimental Myology

University Medical Center Freiburg

Hanns Lochmüller

Professor Hanns Lochmüller joined the Newcastle Muscle Centre in 2007 from Munich. Together with Volker Straub, Hanns was responsible for setting up the German muscular dystrophy network, MD-NET, of which he was Coordinator (jointly with Volker Straub) until 2008.

Disclosure Statement:

I and/or my spouse/partner have a financial interest/arrangement with one or more organization(s), including but not limited to the organization(s) supporting this activity, that could be perceived as a real or apparent conflict of interest in the context of the subject of this activity.

Self or Spouse?: self
Name of Organization: Pfizer
Nature of relevant financial relationship: research grant
What was received? £ 69,700.- (expenditure for consumables and personnel)
For what role? Investigator on biomarker research in mdx mice (2011)

I am a member of a steering committee or advisory board or equivalent body, or an investigator, for an industry-sponsored clinical trial / pharmaceutical company.

Role: Investigator for Newcastle in phase II trial for SMA (currently active)
For what organization? Trophos

Role: Investigator – stem cell therapy for SMA (MRC application in preparation)
For what organization? California Stem Cells

Role: former chair of the TGDOC – advisory role for patient registry enquiries (completed)
For what organization? Santhera, Prosensa, Genzyme, Trophos, Shire, PTC, AVI, Acceleron

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