John Bourke

Consultant Cardiologist

Freeman Hospital

John Bourke

John graduated from the University College Dublin, Ireland in 1979. He is currently a Consultant Cardiologist (Electrophysiologist) at the Department of Cardiology, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Senior Lecture at Newcastle University and an Associate Member of the Institute of Genetic Medicine, International Centre for Life, Newcastle.

Over the years John has developed a highly successful dedicated Cardiology-Muscle Clinic at Freeman Hospital providing surveillance and treatment for patients with cardiac involvement related to their inherited neuromuscular disorder, served as a panel member on international DMD Care Considerations guideline formulation project convened by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, USA (2008-09) and contributed to the European Guidelines (2009). He was also a co-convenor of the 107th ENMC workshop on Cardiac Involvement in Muscular and Myotonic Dystrophy in 2002.

John is research-active in clinically-based subjects in cardiac electrophysiology / arrhythmia management and cardiac aspects of neuromuscular disorders.