Michelle Eagle

Consultant Physiotherapist

Newcastle University

Michelle Eagle

Michelle has worked in this area for nearly 20 years. Prior to moving into this field she worked in rheumatology where she published her MSc on assessment in ankylosing spondylitis. Her PhD published in 2003 looked at the impact of nocturnal ventilation in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Clinically,  Michelle is responsible for the physiotherapy management of both children and adults with neuromuscular diseases. In particular her interests are in respiratory management, assessment, exercise and orthotics. Michelle has consulted on various research trials and is increasingly involved in the development of protocols for clinical research. She is on the steering committee for a number of international trials and leads a team of international trainers in the development, implementation and quality control of standardised clinical assessments for clinical trials in neuromuscular diseases, including several international pharmaceutic trials in DMD as well as natural history studies in LGMD2I and dysferlinopathy.

She lectures internationally on various aspects of management in neuromuscular disease.