Mireille Claustres

Professor of Medicine, Head of the Molecular Genetics Department of the University Hospital of Montpellier (France), Director of Inserm Research unit u827


Mireille Claustres

Prof. Mireille Claustres, M.D., Ph.D., is head of the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University Hospital Montpellier (south of France). She is responsible for Genetic Diagnostic Services (including prenatal and preimplantation genetic diagnosis) and Teaching programmes (including genetic programmes in Masters). She is also the Director of the INSERM unit entitled "Laboratory for Rare Disorders: Molecular Genetics, Functional studies and Locus specific databases". She is also involved in The National Council of French Medical Universities.

Mireille's research group focuses mainly on splicing defects and cis/trans regulators in genetic disorders (models: Dystrophinopathies, cystic fibrosis, Usher syndromes...) ; genotype-phenotype relationships through extensive and specialized databases that we have established for these disorders ; promoter mutations and regulation of the expression of the CFTR gene ; searching new genes responsible for genetic disorders (model: dystonia) ; developping new diagnostic methods.

Mireille is associated to over 212 peer reviewed publications in these fields.

She has a major involvement in Scientific Councils of several National Patients Associations Scientific Committees including the AFM, and is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Committees of AFM and VLM. She is also at the Board of the Scientific Council of HVP (Human Variome Project).

Call 33 4 67 41 53 60 (secretary)