Otto-Wilhelm Merten

Head of Applied Vectorology and Innovation


Otto-Wilhelm Merten

Otto-Wilhelm Merten has a degree in biotechnology. He has been working at Généthon since 1997 where he was in charge of the bioprocess development department for development of large scale manufacturing processes of viral vectors. Today he directs the group of applied vectorology and innovation.

Otto-Wilhelm Merten has a degree in biotechnology (Ph.D.) and today is the head of the group of Applied Vectorology and Innovation at Généthon. He has a large scientific experience gained during his stays at the Inst. Pasteur (Paris/F) as well as at the Sandoz Research Inst. (Vienna/A). Over the last 20 years, he has dealt with the development and optimization of serum-free and animal-free media for the cultivation of various cell lines (hybridomas, Vero, BHK 21, MDCK, ...) and the production of different biologicals (monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, various viruses). In addition, he was involved in the development of processes for the production of viruses for vaccine purposes (influenza, polio). During the last years he was involved in the development and scale-up of production and purification processes for viral vectors (MLV, LV, AAV) at first at the Inst. Pasteur in Pairs and later as head of the department of Bioprocess Development at Généthon. Since 2010 he is in charge of the group of Applied Vectorology and Innovation in view of the optimisation of vector production.

He has published more than 60 papers in refereed international journals and is editor in chief of Cytotechnology. In the context of R&D in animal cell technology he was member of the executive committee of ESACT (European Society for Animal Cell Technology) for 16 years and its chairman from 2001 to 2005. He initiated some and was participant in several EU sponsored and national projects. His contribution to Treat-NMD is mostly in the domain of bioproduction/biosafety related issues.