Petra Palmgren Lindwall

Chairman of the Swedish Research Foundation for Muscular Dystrophy and Member of the board of the Association for Disable Children and Adolescents

Petra Palmgren Lindwall

Since the beginning of 2014 Petra has been the chairman of the Swedish non-profit patient organisation Swedish Research Foundation for Muscular Dystrophy, SMDF as well as a board member and responsible for the MD section of the Association for Disable Children and Adolescents.

Petra holds a holistic perspective on the situation for a family with a Duchenne diagnosed child/adolescents. This includes caregivers, school, municipalities, family and relatives. This engagement has resulted in Swedish media coverage and Petra continues to work for an overall better situation especially for the DMD community but also disable children/adolescents in general. Petra has also been involved in the process for having the DMD treatment Translarna/Ataluren getting out to the targeted patients in Sweden.

Privately Petra runs her own company working professionally with being the chairman on company boards of directors for several Swedish high growth high tech companies. She lectures at Gothenburg University, Chalmers University of Technology and is accredited teacher at the Swedish Academy of Board Directors.

Petra is the mother of Max who is born 2007 and was diagnosed with DMD year 2011 and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) year 2014. The reason for Petra to be a part of a larger MD community is to make a difference for this community internationally.