Rudolf Korinthenberg

Director, Neuropediatrics and Muscular Disorders

University Medical Center Freiburg

Rudolf Korinthenberg

Prof. Rudolf Korinthenberg, MD is head of the Department of Neuropediatrics and Muscular Disorders at Children’s Hospital, University Hospital Freiburg. He received his pediatric and neuropediatric training at University Hospital Münster/Westfalia and holds his actual position since 1990.

He has published on a broad range of topics in child neurology, and during the last 20 years has concentrated on clinical scientific work in neuromuscular disorders. He has conducted several German multicentric trials in NMD as principal investigator, and he is head of the Trials Organisation Center of MD-Net and the Clinical Trials Coordination Center of TREAT-NMD.

Disclosure statement:

Rudolf is a member of a DSMB board for two Prosensa/Biomarin trials.
He is a member of Königsteiner Arbeitskreis, a epileptological working group sponsored by Destin Pharma.
He is a PI in several clinical trials sponsored by Biomarin, Genzyme and Novartis.
He is or was Co-PI or head of department in a series of recent or ongoing clinical trials in neuromuscular disorders sponsored by  Prosensa, Biomarin, ISIS, Santhera, Lilly, Trophos.
He is or was Co-PI or head of department in studies sponsored by NIH, EU or German Ministry of Research (BMBF).

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