Vitaliy Matyushenko

President of the Children with SMA Charitable Foundation

Children with SMA

Vitaliy Matyushenko

Vitaliy grew up in the Ukraine and graduated in 1993 from Kharkiv National University after specializing in nuclear physics. He worked both in this area and as a forensic investigator until the birth of his daughter. At the age of one she was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and as a result of this in 2004 Vitaliy founded the Foundation “Children with SМА”. The work carried out by the foundation has contributed to the publications in the press and on TV (regional and national). The Foundation carries out international activities in the field of SMA and understands the need for research. Vitaliy’s own research has centered on the rare heredity illness (SMA) and a clinical practice of treatment. His clinical focus is children, and he has managed to involve several large institutes in Ukraine to take part in this work.

Gogolya Street 7