Biomarkers and surrogate endpoints in Duchenne

UPPMD BioMarker Meeting at ENMC

UPPMD LogoWith the development of recent novel drug experiments and the number of ongoing clinical trials in DMD the need for fine tools to measure any resultant effects that occur has never more important.

At a recent ENMC meeting on biomarkers for DMD held in January 2014, Elizabeth Vroom Chair of the United Parent Projects Muscular Dystrophy, voiced the need for a document for parents and patients explaining what biomarkers are and how they can be used in clinical trials. This UPPMD document has now been generated. It also touches upon the potential use of dystrophin as a surrogate endpoint and provides an overview of current work that is ongoing for biomarkers for DMD.

Download the UPPMD explanation of biomarkers and surrogate endpoints.

12 Apr 2017