The CARE-NMD project

The CARE-NMD project
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  • Janbernd Kirschner
    Janbernd Kirschner
    Jan Kirschner (Professor of Pediatric Neurology) is chair of the TREAT-NMD executive committee since 2018....
  • Sunil Rodger
    Sunil Rodger
    Sunil Rodger was the Communications Officer for CARE-NMD, a European project which aims...
  • Julia Vry Julia Vry is a medical doctor in the Centre for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine of...

CARE-NMD, led by Dr Janbernd Kirschner (Freiburg), was a three year project funded by the EU to improve care for DMD in Europe.

Although expert centres for the care of patients with neuromuscular diseases do exist in most European countries, many patients still do not receive treatment in line with current guidelines. To address this unmet need, the project established an inclusive reference network of care centres specialising in the treatment of DMD.

This was used to analyze current treatment practices, identify inequalities between and within participating European countries, and host information and training workshops for medical professionals and families.

The aim was to ensure that dissemination and implementation of international consensus treatment recommendations for DMD at national and European levels.

Although European Union funding for this project ended in April 2013, the project tools are being sustained through the TREAT-NMD network by the institutions involved in the project. Some of these are now being implemented in countries beyond original CARE-NMD partners. Further information on the project and tools is available at

12 Apr 2017