WMS Satellite Teaching Course

17 - 18 Oct 2011

Lisbon, Portugal

To improve the diagnostic competence of professionals dealing with patients with neuromuscular diseases.

Following the success of the previous Teaching Courses organized by the WMS, the 9th WMS Satellite Teaching Course will take place prior to the 16th WMS International Congress.

The precongress course will be held from Monday 17th through Tuesday 18th, October, 2011, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Traditionally, the diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases has been considered difficult, but in the majority of the cases, clinical examination and routine laboratory evaluations are sufficient to point towards a neuromuscular disease. What is sometimes difficult to reach is a specific diagnosis of a neuromuscular disease in particular. Nowadays, the development of new techniques of investigation of muscle and nerve biopsy material, genetic testing, muscle imaging, metabolic studies and so on, have allowed a faster and more precise diagnosis of a specific neuromuscular disease.

It is important, as in all areas of Medicine, to reach a correct diagnosis as soon as possible, treat the patient whenever possible and give prognostic and genetic counseling.

This course provides a context to develop these skills. A group of professionals with different competences and a long experience in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases, will run the Teaching Course, with lectures and live clinical examinations of neuromuscular patients.

The emphasis of this course will be on the clinical approach of patients who present with symptoms of weakness and the interpretation of the muscle biopsy.

The course will be entirely practical and case reports will be presented to highlight key clinical concepts. There will be the opportunity to discuss the diagnostic approach to patients shown on video, and to look at muscle biopsies. Generous time will be allowed for questions from the audience, and for discussion of difficult topics.

Participants will be encouraged to bring difficult, unusual or unsolved cases for discussion.

Attendants: max. 45
Registration Deadline: 30th September 2011

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