5th Chinese International DMD Conference

11 - 12 Nov 2017

Beijing, China

This 5th International DMD Conference is organised by China DMD Care and Support Association (Zhiai 至爱) and hospital of Chinese armed Police Force, and will bring together various stakeholders from the whole China neuromuscular community and beyond including neurologists, physiotherapists and psychiatrists, and first time is sponsored by different Biomedical Technology Companies. More than 30 local neurologists and 100 DMD families already registered for this meeting, max. 200 DMD families is planned.

Speakers from around the world provided an international aspect for medicine development also clinical Trial and included Dr. Xiaoxiao (US), Dr.Craig Campbell (Canada), Mary Frances Harmon (PTC, US), Dr. Sun feifei (Pfizer, China) etc.. Local speakers as Prof. Shen dingguo and Dr. Meng yan (Army General hospital), Prof. Yuan yun and Dr. Chang xingzhi (The First Hospital of Peking Universi), Dr. Wu shiwen (General armed Police Force hospital), Dr. Zhang Cheng (Guangzhou zhong Shan hospital), Dr. Han Chunxi (Shenzhen Children’s hospital), Yang Xinying (Beijing Children hospital) and Dr. Cao ling (Capital Institute of Pediatrics), also local researchers including Prof. Yin Haifang (Tianjin University) and Prof. Qi ming (Zhe Jiang University), shared their experiences and new research of the neuromuscular field throughout China.

The purpose is to improve the working and communication with Duchenne families as community in China and raise the social awareness und highlight the standard care for Duchenne patients also enhance their confidence etc..
If you are interested in the event then please contact Jan Wang at chinadmd.wz@gmail.com or Chinadmd.org@gmail.com

Registration for the event is available in weChat Group.

Beijing Holiday Inn ChangAn West,
Yong ding Road No. 66, Beijing, China

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