Spierziekten Nederland

Spierziekten Nederland

Spierziekten Nederland (Association for People with a Neuromuscular Disease) is an active and dynamic association of and for people with a neuromuscular disease. Spierziekten Nederland aims at protecting the interests of its members. Its activities consist of providing information, organising mutual support and stimulating scientific research. Spierziekten Nederland was one of the founding members of EAMDA and the ENMC and favours international cooperation in the field of research and the development of therapies.

Spierziekten Nederland was founded in 1967 and now has approximately 9,000 members. More than 300 volunteers actively support the association's activities. Spierziekten Nederland maintains a network of 10 regional groups and 14 national, diagnosis-bound support groups. These groups monitor international developments in the field of research, are involved in psychosocial care and provide information on technical appliances.

Contact Person: Ria Broekgaarden

FSH Contactperson: Anke Lanser

Website www.spierziekten.nl