Hôpital Marin de Hendaye

Hôpital Marin de Hendaye

 Hôpitaux de Paris is a public health resort area, whose activities are spread mainly in a highly urbanized region were 11.5 million. It consists of 37 hospitals and structure of home care (HAD).

Reorganized since 2009 in twelve hospital groups, it gradually takes shape in a care articulated in three levels. This organization must adjust its health care delivery needs of each area of health, in line with other health actors in the region.

Centre de Référence Neuromusculaire
Hôpital Marin de Hendaye

Website www.aphp.fr

Call +05 59 48 08 00


J. Andoni Urtizberea J. Andoni Urtizberea

Dr Jon Andoni Urtizberea is head of the internationally renowned Paris Summer School of Myology and a consultant at the neuromuscular reference centre at Hendaye Hospital in the French Basque region.

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