Medical University of Warsaw

Medical University of Warsaw

For many years the Medical University of Warsaw has collaborated in research with centres all over the world, including Germany, France, Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands and the USA. There are 16 formal agreements on scientific cooperation which involve exchange of research workers, joint research projects and publications. Research at the MUW is funded by grants from the the Polish Committee for Scientific Research (c. 150 projects annually) while other forms of external funding include the European Union research fund and financial support by other bodies. Many research projects are funded from the MUW’s own resources.

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Anna Kaminska Anna Kaminska

Anna Kaminska is Professor and Head of the Department of Neurology at the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland. She received the MD and PhD in Medical Sciences from the Medical University of Warsaw. She is involved in patients care, including intensive care, teaching, supervising medical students and neurology residents. She published over 75 refereed journal papers mostly on neuro- muscular disorders including experimental muscle disorders, muscle biopsy, electron microscopy, and patients with congenital myopathies. She was a member of European TREAT-NMD Network oversight committee (2009–2011) and is a member of TREAT- NMD Alliance oversight committee. She is a member of Polish Neurological Society, Polish Association of Neuropathologists and European Neurological Society.

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