DMD registry - China

DMD registry - China

The Chinese Genetic Disease Registry (CGDR) is a China-wide registry of people diagnosed with a genetic disease, especially for DMD/BMD and SMA. It collects important medical information from patients across the country to improve the understanding of genetic disease and accelerate the development of new therapies. CGDR is located at General Hospital of Chinese Armed Police Force in Beijing, which was started in September 2012. For more information please visit the CGDR website at or contact the CGDR National Office at


中国基因遗传病注册登记(CGDR)是一项全中国范围内的遗传病患者注册登记,特别对于DMD/BMD及SMA患者。其通过收集患者主要的医学信息来促进对疾病的了解及加速新的治疗方法的研究。CGDR位于中国武警总医院,于2012年9月正式启动运行。详情请登录,或与CGDR 办公室联系。


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