Resources available through the network

"TREAT-NMD provides tools and infrastructure to help the neuromuscular field collaborate better internationally, addressing areas that often get missed in individual research projects. From patient registries to international consensus publications, the resources below are available to clinicians, researchers, industry and patients across the world."

Patient registries

Find out about different types of national and international registries for over ten neuromuscular diseases

Care and trial site registry

A database of clinical sites and medical centres caring for patients with NMDs and participating in clinical trials


Outcome measures

"Outcome measures" are the tests that investigators perform to decide whether a treatment being tested in a clinical trial is having any effect


An expert multidisciplinary body providing independent and objective guidance on advancing new therapies for NMDs



EuroBioBank: a network of biobanks distributing DNA, cell and tissue samples to scientists conducting research on NMDs

Regulatory affairs

A valuable source of advice to people who are involved in the planning of mono- or multi-centre clinical trials


Training and education

Information on specialist training courses covering neuromuscular disorders

Social and ethical framework

TREAT-NMD is undertaking research to explore, identify and examine ethical and social issues in clinical research of neuromuscular disorders

12 Apr 2017