Experimental protocols for SMA animal models

Experimental protocols for SMA animal models

The availability of standardized operating procedures (SOPs) to unify experimental protocols used to test the effects of new treatments in animal models is a step that will undoubtedly improve the comparability of studies from different laboratories. SOPs are not meant to be mandatory but are designed to be a point of reference and should not prevent innovation and further improvement of the existing protocols. To ensure reproducibility and quality, each SOP has been drawn up by a group of independent researchers (listed in each protocol) and is updated on a regular basis.

TREAT-NMD supported the workshop dedicated to the creation of a collection of SOPs for SMA animal models, where 30 key researches from Europe and North America presented and discussed the parameters most commonly used to assess drug efficacy in SMA mouse models.

The workshop report is now available to download from this page.

The SOPs that have already been completed can be downloaded from this site and others will be added in the future. The last date each SOP was reviewed can be found under the code on the left of the page.

SMA mouse model

11 July 2016

Synaptic transmission alterations in SMA mice / Electrophysiology

Lucia Tabares

21 June 2016

Muscle Function evaluation through isometric force measurements in mouse models for muscular atrophy

Chien-Ping Ko

5 June 2015

Imaging neuromuscular junction pathology in mouse models of SMA

Tom Gillingwater

11 July 2017

Cell Body-Motor Neuron counts

Ke Ning

5 June 2016

ELISA to quantify SMN protein levels

Brunhilde Wirth

5 June 2016

Semiquantitative Western Blot

Brunhilde Wirth

8 July 2016

Human and murine SMN transcript analysis by absolute real time PCR

F. Danilo Tiziano

6 June 2016

Use of pen test (balance beam) to assess motor balance and coordination in mice

Rashmi Kothary

11 July 2017

Grip strength

Stefania P. Corti

14 March 2011

Behavioral Phenotyping for Neonates: Hind Limb Suspension Test (a.k.a. Tube Test)

Bassem El-Khodor
23 June 2016

Compound Muscle Activated Potential (CMAP) recordings from the triceps surae

Veronica Setola
4 June 2015

Influence of housing, feeding, and handling conditions on SMA mouse performance

Charlotte Sumner
& Arthur Burghes

10 October 2011

Genotyping protocols for commonly used SMA model mice

Christine DiDonato

8 April 2014

Behavioral Phenotyping for neonates: Righting reflex

C. DiDonato &
L. Bogdanik

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